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English, Oh My!-Privacy Policy

English, Oh My!, Kimberly Crouch, is committed to keeping your personal information collected of those individuals who visit my website and make use of the website accurate, confidential and secure.  

Collection of Information:

*This blog collects e-mail addresses for my newsletter sign up, and the sign-up is by choice; in NO WAY are you obligated to sign up for the newsletter or obligated to enter your e-mail.  This sign-up is complete voluntary, and at ANY point of the subscription, one can unsubscribe.

*Please know that is this blog only collects e-mail addresses no other personal information. This e-mail address is only used if you willingly and knowingly provide the information.

*This blog and the English, Oh My! entity only sends monthly newsletters to update viewers on new and current blogs, news, and products.  In no way is a viewer or buyer obligated to buy anything, and again, s/he can unsubscribe at any point.  

*English, Oh My!, not now, nor will it in the future, sell, rent, or release sign-up or customer lists.

*English, Oh My! will not disclose any information unless is in compliance with the law.

*English, Oh My! will continue to protect and preserve viewers safety and personal information of users, viewers and buyers.

If you have any concerns regarding this privacy policy, please contact Kim at

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