Winter Poetry

This free resource is featured in my TpT store.  This lesson asks students to use multiple poetic elements in their poem (personification, alliteration, simile and rhyme), as well as explore word choice.

The subject of the poem is "Winter", and the students are asked to brainstorm vivid adjective and verbs before diving into writing.

I hope you enjoy this free resource!

Happy New Year 2015!


Hi Everyone!

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am that Harper Lee is publishing her sequel (actually her original book) of, To Kill a Mockingbird! 

I am currently reading this with my 8th graders (Yes, my 8th graders are reading this novel. It is part of the New York State module, and it came down from the 11th grade curriculum). When I read this book in high school, I loved it then; reading it as an adult and looking back, makes the book even more engaging.  My students love, love, love this book, and I have done some creative things with it to make the novel more creative.  For example, rather than starting with chapter 1, I "framed" the story, and started with the climax, when Jem and Scout are attacked all the way in chapter 27; however, I did not give away who was carrying Jem, and we then began with chapter 1.  Talk about hooking my students!

When I found out that there is a new book being published by Harper Lee, Go Set a Watchman, I not only am so excited, but my students are too! They already said they cannot wait to read as their summer reading novel! I absolutely love that they are hooked!

Who does not love a classic novel?!? This is one of those that we are going to see a revival with due to the new book!

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Atticus Finch & His Golden Rule-Discussion Questions, Citing Text-Based Evidence, and discussing Atticus' Golden Rule

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