6 Ways to Create Warmth & Joy in Your Classroom in December

Happy December, Everyone!

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6 Ways to Create Warmth & Joy in My December Classroom

1.  Instilling Kindness:

Besides being an English teacher, one of my most important goals as a teacher is to instill kindness in my students.  I had the opportunity to teach Character Education for a few years, and we spent a tremendous amount on this subject.  In my classroom, I make sure it is repeated and learned.  

Last year, I created a kindness calendar, and started a campaign called, "Ignite Kindness." Check out the free calendar HERE.  Feel free to use in your classroom! My 8th grader created a hashtag on Instagram for this purpose.  

2.  Music:

I firmly believe music helps students focus and concentrate.  When my students work quietly, I often play music in the background, and many of my students will tell me music helps them focus and work better.  I use two artists all the time, and I usually play it through Pandora.  Check out The Jingle Punks Hipster Orchestra Radio. This station is all instrumental, but they play recent hits.  Crazy enough, the kids dig it!  Anthem Lights is also another great station, and they usually play Acapella groups singing cover songs.

3.  Motivational Videos:

Every time my students come into my classroom, they complete bell work. Whenever I come across a feel-good, motivational, inspiring video, I HAVE to share them!

Here are three videos I love to show my students:

1.  Autistic Basketball Player Jason Mcelwain's - Inspirational Story

2.  Kindness Boomerang:


3.  Empathy-The Human Connection:

4.  Weekly Quotations:

Every week, I share a new quotation on my quotation board.  Last summer, I taught myself how to write in chalk calligraphy, and it definitely jazzes up my board.  I scour quotations, looking for perfect inspiration quotes for my students.  Here are a few pictures:

5.  Incentives:

Regardless of what age group you are teaching, students love incentives to work for in the classroom.  I just wrote a blog post on how I use Class Dojo as my incentive program in my classroom, and how my students work for different items.  I offer homework passes, candy, dropping their lowest quiz grade, and much more.  You can check out my blog post right HERE.

6. Fun and Engaging Writing!

Of course, my English holiday classroom would not be complete without holiday writing.  My middle schoolers love to be creative, and writing is the way to engage them during this crazy time.  Here are two of my writing pieces I implement in class room!

                             These Naughty Elves!                                              Winter Poetry Freebie

Make sure to check out Hayley's Blog Post and Making Meaning with Melissa Blog Post about how they bring comfort and joy to their classrooms!

I hope you have a healthy, happy and wonderful holiday season.  

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