Teaching Your Students to Elaborate on Their Writing & Thinking

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As many of us are readying our classrooms to return back to school, I wanted to share something that works in my classroom when it comes to having your students elaborate on their writing and thinking.  This is usually a difficult skill for students, especially for middle school students. Middle school students do not always have the cognitive maturity to make deep inferences, and their explanations are usually vague and lack thoroughness.  Let me share with you with works in my classroom with elaboration:

Normally, in writing, our students elaborate when responding to a quotation, text-based evidence, and literature (fiction & non-fiction), and this goes for any subject.  Again, when we ask our students to elaborate on their thinking, it usually falls short.

I use a two-step method:

Using Prezi in the Classroom-For Students & Teachers

Hi Everyone!

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What is Prezi?

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