Unbelievable ELA Professional Development on Facebook Live You Don't Want to Miss!

Hi Everyone!

As many of us approach the half way mark of the summer, I wanted to share with you some AMAZING Facebook Live English Language Arts series that will be starting at the beginning of August.  Believe me.  You are not going to want to miss these!

I, along with many other incredible English teachers, are going to be sharing some very helpful back to school tech tips and teaching strategies that will help you get your classroom off the ground, as well as help you implement some new strategies and programs into your classes.

There are two series that are going live at the beginning of August:

1.  The Secondary Series will be doing a week long Back to School Tech Tip Series starting on July 30th.  Kick the series off with us on the 30th at 7pm CST in our Facebook group.  You will get to hear from all the presenters and what we are presenting next week!  At the end of the series, you will be able to earn PD credit and enter to win a $100 gift card. Woo hoo!

I will be presenting on Tuesday, August 1st at 7:20pm CST on the website, Prezi and on Thursday, August 3rd at 7:20pm on the website, StoryBoardThat. The Facebook Lives are only 10 minutes long.

Make sure to join the Secondary Series Facebook Group as soon as possible!

2. In addition to The Secondary Series, I am also participating in the ELA Summer Series-The Easiest PD ever. Every night, starting August 1st-August 15th, a fabulous English teacher is going to presenting on a tip or strategy for the English classroom. These are going to be fabuloussss, and you are not going to want to miss any of this!

I will be presenting on August 5th at 9pm on "How to Teach Your Students to Elaborate on Their Thinking". This is a very common struggle amongst teachers, and I hope you will join me! Here is a list of all the presenters:

Aug. 1st at 9 pm EST
"Project Based Learning for Secondary English Classrooms" with Mud & Ink Teaching

Aug. 2nd at 9 pm EST
"Strategies for Writing Commentary for Literary Analysis" with Bespoke ELA

Aug. 3rd at 9 pm EST
"Ideas and Strategies to Incorporate Choice Reading" with Doc Cop

Aug. 4th at 9 pm EST
"Pinpoint the Source of Most Reading Problems in Five Minutes" with Reading Simplified

Aug. 5th at 9 pm EST
"How to Teach Students to Elaborate on their Thinking" with English, Oh My! 

Aug. 6th at 9 pm EST
"How to Run a Book Club" with The Reading and Writing Haven

Aug. 7th at 9 pm EST
"Encourage Independent Reading in Reluctant Learners" with Samson's Shoppe

Aug. 8th at 9 pm EST
"Using Showcase Projects to Increase Engagement" with Spark Creativity

Aug. 9th at 4 pm EST
"How to Publish Student Writing Online and Create E-Portfolios" with Amanda Write Now

Aug. 10th at 9 pm EST
"5 Hidden Gems (books!) that Both Teachers and Students will Love with 2 Lifelong Teachers

Aug. 11th at 9 pm EST
"Starting on the Right Track with Struggling Secondary (Dependent) Learners" with Secondary Urban Legends

Aug. 12th at 9 pm EST
"Back to School Digital Escape Room" with Lit with Lyns

Aug. 13th at 9 pm EST
"Conferring with Student Writers" with Wild Child Designs

Aug. 14th at 9 pm EST
"Giving Meaningful Feedback to Writers" with Read it. Write it. Learn It. 

Aug. 15th at 9 pm EST
"Grammar Manipulations: Holding Language" with Language Arts Classroom

I hope you able to check out some of these series, as I think you are going to be quite impressed!

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