Differentiation Instruction for the Novel, To Kill a Mockingbird-Graphic, Abridged Novel FREEBIE

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I would like to introduce to you MRS. C, my new product, blog avatar! What do you think?!?!? How cute is she? She is definitely much more attractive than the real person ;).

I just finished chapter 2 in To Kill a Mockingbird with my 8th graders, and I forgot I had created an abridged, graphic version of chapter 1 for my Integrated students last year!  I created this version because my students really struggle with all of the information in chapter one-the history, vocabulary, language and length.

Rather than the chapter being 15 pages, I cut it down to 6!  I add pictures and clipart to make it easier for my visual learners, and I made the vocabulary a little easier, so my students could understand the concepts, comprehending the text.

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