Teacher Hack: Clothespins-Classroom Management and Attendance!

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This past Monday, I Periscoped on my second teacher hack-clothespins in the classroom. I am a firm believer in, "Work smarter I wanted to share with this awesome 4 in 1 hack that will make your classroom run smoothly and efficiently.


1.  You will need a clothespin for each student

2.  A basket for each class

3.  Markers (thin)

Here are the easy directions! In addition, included are the four genius ways that these clothespins will help you save time.

Here is a picture from my classroom last year.

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How-To Tutorial on Enlarging (REALLY BIG) Clipart & Fonts and Printing Them for Your Classroom

Hi Everyone!

Have you ever wondered if you were able to enlarge a picture or font beyond the 8 1/2 x 11 standard page?  How cool would it be if you could print a larger version from any printer?!?! Well, you can, and it is actually very easy!

A few days ago, I did a Periscope tutorial (Find me on Periscope at @kim_englishohmy) on how to do this, but I will give you the quick version below.

Here are the directions:

If you would like to view and print this from Google drive, here is the LINK.

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Got Nonfiction? My Go-To Nonfiction Article Sites!

Hi Everyone!

Soooooooooo... It's August, and it is time to start thinking about going back to school, at least for the Northeast teachers. If you are an English teacher, or frankly any teacher, we are always on the hunt for nonfiction and information articles.  I use nonfiction articles every single week, and it is sometimes very difficult to find high-interest articles for the kiddos; therefore, I wanted to compile some really awesome and helpful websites for teachers looking for engaging, informational texts.

1. Kelly Gallagher-if you have not discovered Kelly Gallagher's "Article of the Week" yet, you need to see this!  Not only does Kelly have an amazing archive of articles, but he includes awesome questions with the texts.

2. Vale Middle School-Vale Middle School uses some of Kelly Gallagher's articles, but what is spectacular, is that Vale's questions are editable in Word!

3. Google News Archives-This is a searchable archive of newspapers articles that date back to the 1700's.  Search any subject of interest!

4.  Wonderopolis: This a great website where kids ask questions about certain subjects, and the site answers the questions with a short, informational piece about the topic. Great for a quick read.

5.  DOGO News: A site that empowers students and kids to read interesting and engaging articles centered around their age level and interests.

6.  NewsELA:  I love this site!  Not only does it provide very interesting articles, the site also levels the articles for you! 

7.  Tween Tribune: Another great website.  Like NewsELA, the text are leveled for your different classes.

8.  ReadWorks.org:  Sign up for free, and receive great articles with reading comprehension questions and lessons!

9.  tetw.org:  1000 articles and essays! 

10.  YOUR LIBRARIAN!  Your librarians have great avenues to find you non-fiction articles.  My librarian is an amazing resource, and she has access to so many websites.  She is my GO-TO girl!

I hope this is helpful to you!  I use all of these websites.  

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