Love Instagram? I Do! An Awesome Instagram Hop begins Tomorrow Night!

Hi Everyone!

This past week has been quite a bit stressful and painful! I developed my first kidney stone (OUCH!) this week, and like most others, they pass.  Of course I am not like most others, and my stone got stuck, and caused a lot more pain because, well, it wasn't allowing me to you know....number 1.  (Sorry for TMI!). I had to have surgery :( this morning, but I feel 100% better than I did last night or the night before.  Soooooo HALLELUJAH! I am back to creating products, blogging, instragraming, Facebooking, as I have forced rest for the next few days because I have a stint.  I will suggest that none of you, a BIG UPPERCASE NONE OF YOU, should ever experience a kidney stone (I would have rather labored through joke).

Teacher Ms H is holding an awesome Instagram loop with a whole bunch of TpT Sellers, including myself.  The loop goes live tomorrow at 7pm Eastern Time for the change to win some Teachers Pay Teachers Swag and a $75 gift certificate to Teachers Pay Teachers! What a great way to get in the school groove again...start shopping!

Click on the image to begin loop! Don't forget it does not start until July 10th at 7pm EST!

Feel free to start with me in the Instagram loop: @english_oh_my

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