Did You Know There are Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers? -Yes Please!

Hi Everyone!

I just read a fantastic Forbes article.  The article is about increasing your Instagram following.  Many of us wonder how people have thousands, I mean THOUSANDS of followers.

Here are some of the tips that the site gives:

1.  Use hashtags that are most likely to increase followers: #instafollowers #l4l (that is an L-Like for a like). #tagforlikes #followback  #followme

2.  Like as many photos as you can in your interest group! Supposedly for every 100 likes, you increase your followers by six.

3.  Use popular hashtags: #love   #instagood   #tbt #photooftheday

4.  Ask questions in your post.  This engages your reader and followers!

5.  Post on Sundays.  Sundays have the least amount of photos posted! You will probably receive more engagement.

6.  Use Piqora to see what pictures are receiving the most engagement.  

7.  Create a picture collage like PicFrame to receive more engagement.  Rather than your followers viewing one photo, they are viewing multiple.

8.  The lighter the better.  Lighter photos get 24% more engagement. Interesting, right?

9.  Promote your Instagram account to your e-mail subscribers.  I am starting my newsletter next month.

10.  Use edges and structures in your photos.  This types of photos get 125% more engagement!  HOLY MOLY! Use a photo editing website like Aviary to make your photos pop.

11.  Post image quotes.  Quotes are huge! I am going to try to start doing one quotation a day :).

12.  Many of us teachers know this already, but giveaways are HUGE!  Get together with your teacher friends and put something together.  This really engages people.

I hope this ideas are helpful! 

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Thank you for reading!  

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