Instagram Giveaway! Back to School

Hi Everyone!

I am excited to share with everyone that I am having an 
Instagram Back to School Giveaway 
July 30th through August 3rd!

How to enter:

1.  Follow Me @english_oh_my
2. Like the post
3.  Go to my store (click here), and tell me what product you would like the most.
4.  In the Instagram comment section of the post, comment what product you would love to have.
5.  For an extra entry, tag a friend!
6.  ONLY FOUND HERE, if you join my newsletter through my blog, you will receive a 3rd entry.  Click HERE to join my newsletter (updates, freebies, newsletter only, etc.).

Woo Hoo!

Thanks everyone!

Did You Know There are Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers? -Yes Please!

Hi Everyone!

I just read a fantastic Forbes article.  The article is about increasing your Instagram following.  Many of us wonder how people have thousands, I mean THOUSANDS of followers.

Here are some of the tips that the site gives:

1.  Use hashtags that are most likely to increase followers: #instafollowers #l4l (that is an L-Like for a like). #tagforlikes #followback  #followme

2.  Like as many photos as you can in your interest group! Supposedly for every 100 likes, you increase your followers by six.

3.  Use popular hashtags: #love   #instagood   #tbt #photooftheday

4.  Ask questions in your post.  This engages your reader and followers!

5.  Post on Sundays.  Sundays have the least amount of photos posted! You will probably receive more engagement.

6.  Use Piqora to see what pictures are receiving the most engagement.  

7.  Create a picture collage like PicFrame to receive more engagement.  Rather than your followers viewing one photo, they are viewing multiple.

8.  The lighter the better.  Lighter photos get 24% more engagement. Interesting, right?

9.  Promote your Instagram account to your e-mail subscribers.  I am starting my newsletter next month.

10.  Use edges and structures in your photos.  This types of photos get 125% more engagement!  HOLY MOLY! Use a photo editing website like Aviary to make your photos pop.

11.  Post image quotes.  Quotes are huge! I am going to try to start doing one quotation a day :).

12.  Many of us teachers know this already, but giveaways are HUGE!  Get together with your teacher friends and put something together.  This really engages people.

I hope this ideas are helpful! 

Follow me on Instagram, I will be sure to follow you back!  @english_oh_my.

What do you think? Think this will help you out?  Be sure to leave a comment below, and join me in my newsletter.  I will be adding freebies and other goodies soon!.

Thank you for reading!  

Periscope-A Secondary Scope Series-Back to School

Hi Everyone!

How exciting is this!?!? I am participating in a Secondary Scope Series on Periscope all of August.  I, along with four secondary teachers (Mud & Ink Teaching, Amanda Write Now, Cullom Corner & Bespoke ELA) will be sharing their best tips and strategies for back to school for the whole month of August LIVE on Periscope and in our Facebook group.


#1-Join our Facebook Group to Stay Up-to-Date

First, you are going to want to join our Facebook group to stay tuned to all the goodies, announcements and other fun items.

#2-How Am I Going to Watch the Series?

  • Make sure that you have downloaded our calendar to see when everyone is presenting!

  • Download the app Periscope (you’ll need a Twitter account to do so).  Downloading the app does NOT require you to be a broadcaster!  Certainly you are welcome to start broadcasting yourself, but having the app gives you access to viewing Periscopes from across the globe!
  • On the bottom right corner of the screen, tap the icon of the people.
  • Now, hit the magnifying glass (search) icon and search our hashtag: #secondaryB2S.  Here you will find all of our broadcasts if you ever miss one live!
  • Also, search our usernames and FOLLOW us so that your phone whistles when we go LIVE!

It all begins with Mud & Ink Teaching on August 1st! Woo Hoo!

My first LIVE Periscope will be on August 8th at 6pm CST/7pm EST. I am going to be sharing a GENIUS idea with CLOTHESPINS! I am also going to be sharing a giveaway if you sign up for my newsletter, as well as some other goodies!

TUNE IN! See you then!

So There is a Time When I Should Post?!?! Social Media Tricks for the Most Clicks & Views

Hi Everyone!

I would say over the last three or four months, I have tried to spend a little more time on the social media outlets, getting my name out there, products and so forth. I finally feel comfortable with the products I am selling, so I transitioned my focus to spending more time networking on social media.

 I just became an Instagramer (Proper Noun?), and as I scroll through peoples' feeds, some other teachers have thousands (!!!) of followers.  I keep asking myself, how the heck did they do that! Well, one of my TpT's friends, Jeanine, from Third Grade Giggles and Kristin from Samson's Shoppe, explained to me that there are actual times that are the best times to post! I never had a clue!  Here is some information I found that useful when posting to your social media outlets:

1.  Check out the app, When to Post.  I have it on my iPhone, and it gives me the optimal times of the day to post for Instagram.

2.  According to, 80% of American live in CST or the EST, so we have to be aware  of who is either behind us or ahead of us.  Honestly, being an East Coast gal, I never think about the rest of the nation still being in bed when I post!  Who is reading my posts if I am posting at 7am in the morning?!??!

In addition, the best time to post on Facebook is Saturdays & Sundays, with the highest engagement at 32%, while on Thursdays and Fridays, it is usually an 18% engagement.  What times are the best to post? 9am, 1pm and 3pm.  According to the Huffington Post, people receive their most engagement on Facebook from 1-3pm and 7-9pm.  I am definitely going to be paying attention to  this!

Did you know that the best time to post on Pinterest is between 8-11pm on a Saturday? People receive the most repins during this time.  I never thought about that when I am posting teacher-related material.  I guess people tend to browse when they are sitting on their couch winding down at night.

Best time for Instagram? In the morning (8-9am) on a Monday or a Thursday! 3-4pm is the worst time to post. 

As many of our TpT friends are enjoying the Orlando, I wanted to share a pick-me-up to all, including myself, who are left back.  Here is my FREE Social Media Calendar to help you plan out your posts for the month!

I would greatly appreciate it if you comment on this blog post and share this with someone!

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I hope that this information has been helpful to you! 

Love Instagram? I Do! An Awesome Instagram Hop begins Tomorrow Night!

Hi Everyone!

This past week has been quite a bit stressful and painful! I developed my first kidney stone (OUCH!) this week, and like most others, they pass.  Of course I am not like most others, and my stone got stuck, and caused a lot more pain because, well, it wasn't allowing me to you know....number 1.  (Sorry for TMI!). I had to have surgery :( this morning, but I feel 100% better than I did last night or the night before.  Soooooo HALLELUJAH! I am back to creating products, blogging, instragraming, Facebooking, as I have forced rest for the next few days because I have a stint.  I will suggest that none of you, a BIG UPPERCASE NONE OF YOU, should ever experience a kidney stone (I would have rather labored through joke).

Teacher Ms H is holding an awesome Instagram loop with a whole bunch of TpT Sellers, including myself.  The loop goes live tomorrow at 7pm Eastern Time for the change to win some Teachers Pay Teachers Swag and a $75 gift certificate to Teachers Pay Teachers! What a great way to get in the school groove again...start shopping!

Click on the image to begin loop! Don't forget it does not start until July 10th at 7pm EST!

Feel free to start with me in the Instagram loop: @english_oh_my

Oceans of Deals!

Hi Everyone!

All this week, I will be putting on sale a lot goodies in Oceans of Deals. Look at this!

Today, I have two of my products on sale for $1!  Head over to my store to grab these goodies by the end of the day!  Click on the image below to head over.
In addition, many of us are participating in a huge gift card giveaway!  Look at this! Make sure to come back on Friday to win these awesome gift cards!!!

Woo Hoo!  Have fun shopping!

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