A TpT Get Together-Long Island

Hi Everyone!

I have been terrible about posting lately! I have been so busy with my own life, not my TpT life. My 6-year-old has started lacrosse, and it is three times a week. On top of that, my husband is going for a huge position in his company, and as much as I love my TpT family and friends , my "real" family has been consuming my time in so many wonderful ways!

I had the chance to meet up with some wonderful ladies of TpT from Long Island this past Saturday morning. What is funny is that we all live so close to each other! These ladies are so creative in all their own special ways, and we came up with some fantastic ideas to start networking our area. In addition, we had some great conversations about our journeys on Teachers Pay Teachers, and I think we all learned something from each other.  It is so nice to have other TpTers so close! Eventually, we are going to try to set up a local meet and greet with the Long Island/New York City area. Please check out these wonderful TpTers:

Kristin of Samson's Shoppe

Kathleen of A Plus Kids

If you live on Long Island or in the area and would like to join our next meeting, please comment below or e-mail at englishohmy@gmail.com!  We would love for you to join us!

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