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I am currently two/three weeks into my Operation Genius project.  Thus far, the students have been introduced to the project using a Prezi, the calendar, Requirements Sheet, "Finding Your Passion" worksheet, "The Difference Between Thick and Thin Questions", and the "Pitch Requirements". I have to thank Laura Randazzo and A.J. Juliani for amazing resources that I was able to modify for my students.  I borrowed Laura's Prezi and modified it for my middle school students.  If you ever want to hear someone else's experiences, check out these two bloggers.  They are amazing!

Week 1 of the Project-I introduced the Prezi and the ideas behind the Operation Genius project.  

Week 1-Following the Prezi, I wanted my students to explore their passions.  I created a worksheet for this, and I borrowed an article written by A.J. Juliani called, "Six Simple Steps to Finding Your Passion". I created a "Passion" packet for my students. The students worked on this worksheet and sorted out their passions.  Some knew exactly what they were going to learn, modify, create, build, design or invent.  With some, it took a little longer.  We then went into the library and computer lab to start exploring the students' passions. Some researched, and some took notes.

Week 2-Last week before break, I introduced my students to "thin" and "thick" questions.  Part of their project is to pose a "thick" question.  This is a great lesson for any class, and it is a great way to get your students to ask higher-level questions and not just surface questions.  Their thick question will be on the first slide of their Prezi presentation for the pitch.  My students also have to submit their "thick" question by tomorrow (Week 3).

Week 2-I also introduced "The Pitch".  Before the students can move on, they have to pitch their idea to their peers in a minute and a half.  This includes a visual component-a Prezi, Emaze or Glogster.  These are all amazing visual components (and similar to PowerPoint) for a presentation, and they are web-based so the kids can work on them anywhere!  I will be grading their pitch with when the students present. 

Week 3-My students are currently working on their pitches and their presentations for next Friday, March 4th.  This is when they will be pitching their ideas to the class!  I can't wait, as their ideas are amazing!  I will share with you some of the ideas of my middles, and I think you will be thoroughly impressed. 

I hope that if you are looking into starting an inquiry-based project, these items will help!


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