POST # 1-Operation Genius

Hi Everyone!

I thought I would update you with how my day 1 of Operation Genius.

Today, I began my class by discussing the hierarchy of subjects in school.  I asked my students if they could spend 50% of their time in one class, what class would they spend their time? We discussed this, and I then posed the question on whether or not if our school lets the students be creative? Most of the answers were very little to none (This is so sad :o( ).  I posed many questions that I left unanswered like, "What would happen if you had the chance to follow your passion or what interests you?"

Following, I introduced the students to the article, "How Schools are Killing Creativity".   I had the students highlight specific lines that stood out to them as I read them the article. Many of my students highlighted the line, "...instead of growing into creativity in school, we grow out of it."  In addition, students noted the line, "school teaches students that making a mistake is a sin."  They were really able to relate to the article.

I showed the students pieces of the Ken Robinson TED Talk. I learned throughout the day to shorten the video some, as some of the material in the video was irrelevant to the topic of creativity in schools.

I did not have a chance to go over the assignment until tomorrow, so I think many of my students are skeptical about what we are doing.  They were definitely intrigued by the fact that they are going to have the chance to be creative and that we are going to go against the grain of the normal classroom.

Tomorrow is shall be more interesting!

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