Interactive Notebook eBook-Calling all Submissions!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I am Kim, TpT seller of the store, English, Oh My!

I would like to compile an Interactive Notebook Resource eBook profiling sellers of all different subjects and grade levels. I would like to fill the eBook with informational pages about each seller and print-and-teach resource that downloaders can use in their classroom immediately.  Therefore, each contributor will submit a profile page and a 1-page resource.

In the end, we will have an eBook filled with amazing sellers from around the world and a book stuffed with Interactive Notebook materials that downloaders can use.  Wait until you see how much traffic you will have in your store! I am currently working on a jam-packed Interactive Notebook, which I would like to feature all of the eBook submissions! You will have double exposure!

More About the eBook...

- The book will feature ANY GRADE LEVEL & SUBJECT

- The free resources are right there in the eBook

- The profile pages will help buyers get to know sellers as real people so they can connect with you and forge a long-term buyer-seller relationship

-  I want to drive a tremendous amount of traffic to your store; therefore, when the e-book is complete, I will be create a 1-page PDF with everyone's store logos and links that you can directly add to social media, products, etc.  It will create a snowball effect of promotion.


Click on the link for step-by-step guidelines:

Click on the link for the template for the profile page:

~Create your two pages

~Submit no later than January 25th (NO EXCEPTIONS!)

NOTE: Your resource page can be adapted from a product already in your store. It can even be 1 page from a paid product (which makes a good deal of marketing sense!) Also, you can post both your 'Interactive Notebook eBook' pages in your store as a freebie, if you'd like (although this is not required). The benefit of posting it in your store as a freebie is adding the linky page at the end so we can create a snowball-effect of marketing and sending downloaders from one store to another! The other benefit is linking to the eBook so that we can get it in as many hands as possible, promoting each contributor as widely as possible!

I know this is a busy time of year, so if you miss the deadline or cannot submit, no worries! I hope to create another eBook in the future.

Because each seller gets two pages, space is limited! If I get more than the 25 submissions, I may consider breaking the eBook into two sections, elementary and secondary.

I hope to release the book in mid-February.

I am so excited!!! Thank you to all who submit.  If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at

<3 Kim

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