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Welcome to the Trick or Treat Blog Hop! 
Thank you so much to Rachel of Classroom Game Nook for putting this altogether and hosting. Rachel did an amazing job, and I know all of us appreciate her hard work. Thanks Rachel!

This blog hop is so much fun because you get to learn some of our "tricks" of teaching and collect creative and engaging "treats" from all of us! Go "door to door" and collect your goodies, and while you are there, enter all the giveaways!

I have TWO really great classroom management procedures that really do work, especially for the middle school classroom, though, it can be used at any grade level.

First, are the clothespins.  Yup, clothespins.  I actually saw this on Pinterest (I am in love with Pinterest), and I said to myself, What an awesome and creative idea! 

Each student receives a clothespin to put their name on and to decorate.  In the front of my room, I have baskets for each class.  Every time the students walk into the room, they take their clothespin.  When the bell rings for class, I easily can see who is missing by looking at the leftover clothespins.  In addition, not only is this fabulous for attendance, but when students have to hand in a paper, project or essay, I have them clip their pin to their paper.  Quickly, you will know who did and did not do their work!  

My second "trick" is more of a classroom management trick.  Every week I write "#OhNo" on my board for all of my periods.  During the week if someone is misbehaving, talking, being disruptive or any other mishap, I take a letter away.  Depending on the week, the students can lose no letters, one letter or all letters.  If they lose all of the letters, they receive an extra assignment as a class.  One of my classroom requirements is that a class is a group, team and a collaborative body.  That means we are one unit, and students need to speak up to each other to work well.  Therefore, the extra assignment affects everyone. 
 At the end of the week, however many letters (and #) the class has left is how many points they get. My students can get a total of 50 points for quarter (5 letters/10 weeks).  The class that has the most points at the end of the quarter, wins ice cream on me! This little trick really does work!

Would doesn't love a great freebie! Come and grab some of my spooky, scary writing prompts for creative writing! These prompts are part of my larger product on Teacher's Pay Teachers.  

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These prompts are really geared toward middle school and high school, and they are super creepy! Perfect to get your students in the mood for Halloween.

Giveaway! Giveaway! Giveaway!

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This activity gives the students the opportunity to write Dracula’s perspective of his life using the music of Taylor Swift’s song, “Bad Blood”. We all know the stereotypes of a vampire, but what if that is not really the story? Your students have the opportunity to explore this question, creating a song parody with Dracula’s real story. 

This activity explores perspective, creative narrative writing, tone, and parody.  

*This lesson includes:
1. The full lesson plan with Common Core standards, 
2. Instructions and dittos for your students, 
3. Templates/stationary to create the song

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