Classroom Tools for Building Back to School!

Hi Everyone! 

Welcome to week two of Building Back to School! This week we are talking about must-have classroom tools.  Thank you again to #TeacherMom for hosting this Linky Party!

One classroom tool that I must have is my Smart Board.  I use my Smart Board for everything, including keeping attendance, games, and other fun activities.  Yes, I use it for attendance! I have this cute template of bubbles that I put all the students names in, and they have to pop their bubble when they come in the room. This makes it so much easier to take attendance!!!

Another classroom tool that I like to have is the multi-pack of Expo markers that have the really cool colors like hot pink, purple, orange, and other fun colors. I used different colors for my different sections of classes (and they are fun to draw with!).

Another classroom tool that I enjoy is bins!!! Bins, bins, bins! I have bins for work to be turned back, bins to hold work that I handed out, and bins for catch all! Especially being an English teacher and paper rules my world, bins are a necessity! I wish I had pictures to show you!

I am also a little bit of a pen snob.  I have certain pens that I will only grade with, especial the Paper Mate Flair Pens.  These are my absolute favorite, and when I lose one, which is bound to happen, it really is a loss for me! I definitely would say that these are my "go-to" pens by far.

I hope you are having a wonderful start to the school year, and if you haven't started yet, I hope you are preparing! Check out all of these fantastic teachers I linked up with!


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