Splish, Splash: It's a Summertime Blog Bash!

Happy summer! I know that all of us having been looking forward to this moment, where we can put our flip flops on for the summer, relax with our children, and enjoy all of the wonderful sights, sounds and smells of summer. I also know that all of the ambitious teachers like myself, are scouring and downloading new, engaging products to use for the new school year.  


Come and check out my freebie, enroll in my giveaway, check out my store at TpT, and then hop over to my friend, Mrs. Beattie's classroom by clicking on the SUN below.  Check out her free products, as well as all the other teachers who are participating in this blog hop.  There are so many great giveaways and free products to help you set sail for the summer!

This is one of my most popular products, and because you are visiting the Blog Hop, you get to download it for free!  I am giving away my FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE TASK CARDS.
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The purpose of this product is to make your students more proficient writers with weekly assignments, with an end assignment of a full paragraph.  Each two-week unit consists of a non-fiction article, a writing prompt, daily assignments, and lessons.  Also included in this 130-page bundle is rubrics, step-by-step lessons, and other useful pieces.  This is an entire year's worth of writing!!!
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There are soooooo many things that I am looking forward to, as the summer is on its way! I can't wait to spend my time with my 5-year old son, sit by my pool, and enjoy the warm weather after a relentless winter in the Northeast. One of my favorite parts of the summer is going to the beach by my house where there are amazing sunsets.  My husband and I will cook dinner, bring it up to the beach, and enjoy the beautiful sunsets!

My husband, son and I are planning a trip to Virginia Beach at the beginning of July, and then from there, we are heading to Memphis, Tennessee to visit my mother-in-law. Other than that, I really can't wait to be home and catch up on all the little, unfinished projects.

During the summer, I can't live without my Starbucks Iced Caramel Lattes (yum!), my flip flops, and a book that I can't put down.  I have quite a list of books I would like to read already, as my students have recommended books to me.  One book is called, Everyday.  It sounds absolutely compelling, because the protagonist in the book is a different person everyday. In addition, my students and colleagues keep telling me to read, Wonder. I would definitely check these out if you haven't read them! 

I hope you have an enjoyable summer! Savor every moment!

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