Splish, Splash: It's a Summertime Blog Bash!

Happy summer! I know that all of us having been looking forward to this moment, where we can put our flip flops on for the summer, relax with our children, and enjoy all of the wonderful sights, sounds and smells of summer. I also know that all of the ambitious teachers like myself, are scouring and downloading new, engaging products to use for the new school year.  


Come and check out my freebie, enroll in my giveaway, check out my store at TpT, and then hop over to my friend, Mrs. Beattie's classroom by clicking on the SUN below.  Check out her free products, as well as all the other teachers who are participating in this blog hop.  There are so many great giveaways and free products to help you set sail for the summer!

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There are soooooo many things that I am looking forward to, as the summer is on its way! I can't wait to spend my time with my 5-year old son, sit by my pool, and enjoy the warm weather after a relentless winter in the Northeast. One of my favorite parts of the summer is going to the beach by my house where there are amazing sunsets.  My husband and I will cook dinner, bring it up to the beach, and enjoy the beautiful sunsets!

My husband, son and I are planning a trip to Virginia Beach at the beginning of July, and then from there, we are heading to Memphis, Tennessee to visit my mother-in-law. Other than that, I really can't wait to be home and catch up on all the little, unfinished projects.

During the summer, I can't live without my Starbucks Iced Caramel Lattes (yum!), my flip flops, and a book that I can't put down.  I have quite a list of books I would like to read already, as my students have recommended books to me.  One book is called, Everyday.  It sounds absolutely compelling, because the protagonist in the book is a different person everyday. In addition, my students and colleagues keep telling me to read, Wonder. I would definitely check these out if you haven't read them! 

I hope you have an enjoyable summer! Savor every moment!

Summer Time Blog Bash Begins Tomorrow!

Hi Everyone!

Join 40+ bloggers tomorrow in an amazing blog hop! There are going to be many freebies and giveaways! Great products will be raffled off!  The blog hop begins at 9:00 EST.

Start right here tomorrow!


Splish Splash It's a Summer Time Blog Bash! -5 Day Countdown!

There is something VERY exciting about to happen here in blog-land!

I know for many of you this is your last week of school - WAHOOOOO! (if not - hang in there!!!) 

As a way to kick off summer, me and 40+ bloggers are doing a FABULOUS blog hop beginning May 25 (Memorial Day) where you will be able to grab all sorts of freebies and enter in to win some amazing prizes (and maybe find a new blogger or two to follow!)!    Each blogger is giving exclusive freebies to all of our hoppers (that means YOU!) as well as a chance to win some of their best products!  You will NOT want to miss this week-long event.  I will be raffling off one of my biggest products!

So mark your calendars - Beginning at 9am (EST) May 25  you can start right here at English, Oh My! blog, and hop off to pure summertime bliss for our SPLISH SPLASH:  It's a Summertime Blog Bash!  Invite your friends to the party as well:)


Operation-Teacher Summer Fun-A Big Surprise is Coming Next Week!

I can't say too much about it yet - but there is something SUPER exciting in the works in blog world.  I'll just say that it involves about 50 bloggers and a whole lot of freebies and fun! Stay tuned to the upcoming week!!!


Sailing into Summer Blog Hop

Tips, Ideas & a Giveaway to Sail into Summer!

One Final Exam Tip
As finals are on the horizon, one thing that I like to do with my students as we approach the English final exam is make review flashcards for my students in Microsoft Word/PowerPoint.  I take terms that they need to know for the final, and create box flash cards.  I usually give them about ten cards for each group, and I have the students complete the back of the flashcards from their notes.  I assign this as a homework assignment, and I will quiz my kids on the terms at the end of each week. The students are responsible for cutting out their own review cards, and they are a helpful tool for review.

Here are some pictures of some of the flashcards I create:

One Thing I Will Do Again Next Year-Interactive Notebooks!

For the first time this year, I incorporated Interactive Notebooks into my 7th and 8th grade English classrooms.  I wanted to bring some creativity and color into the Common Core curriculum, and I wanted my students to be engaged and interested, even though the curriculum was becoming harder and more rigorous.
If you have never tried Interactive Notebooks, you need to get on Pinterest, Teachers Pay Teachers, and teacher-related websites, to see how wonderful, creative and engaging you can make your curriculum with these notebooks.  Interactive Notebooks is the art of taking notes and dittos, and making these items into more tactical, colorful and engaging pieces with foldables, creativity and color.
Here are some examples of my students' work: 
Pieces I did for To Kill a Mockingbird
Vocabulary Section of the Interactive Notebook

Here are some great resources to get you started on your Interactive Notebook journey!

What is an Interactive Notebook?
Interactive Notebook Ideas-Following My Heart to First, Blog
Giveaway! Giveaway! Giveaway!

Thank you for coming by!
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Included in this bundle is:
*10 2-day lessons ( plus 4 mini-lessons) from the foundations of writing to the final assessment.
The 10 lessons are:
1. Starting with the Foundation-What do we know?
2.Building an Essay, Hamburger Style
3. Sophisticating Our Language-Removing Dead Words
4. Simplifying an Introduction-Introduction Map
4b. Mini-Lesson-Grabbers
4c. Mini-Lesson-Practicing Writing an Introduction Paragraph
5. Writing a TALES Response-Body Paragraph Writing
5b. Formulating Topic Sentences
5c. Formulating Compound Sentences
6. Writing a Body Paragraph-Butterflies
7. Analyzing and Editing Paragraphs
8. Writing a Conclusion-Step-by-Step
9. Assessment-Putting It All Together-Should Cell Phones Be Used in Schools?
10.Peer Editing

Separate Files-
2 Smart Board Files
*Body Paragraph Rubric
*Common Core Essay Rubric
*Peer-Editing Sheet
*Checklist for Writing

*This bundle is 63-Page PDF file, which also includes two Smart Board presentations, as well as 4 Word documents for edit.

*All the lessons come with instructions, an "I Can" statement, and the Common Core Standards for each lesson.
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Teaching The Diary of Anne Frank

Hi Everyone!

May, for me, is teaching The Diary of Anne Frank.  This is one of my favorite units, not only because of the diary, because I get to teach empathy, perspective, and "walking in someone else's shoes". 

Because of the timing and many interruptions in May, I teach through many medias and excerpts from Anne's diary. I incorporate poems, videos, Power Point presentations, pictures, and other pieces to give my students the full effect of the diary.

DAY # 1-This year, I started off the an Anticipation guide which asks students to share their opinions on general statements.  For example, students have to agree, disagree or neutral a statement like, "A leader should be kind, gentle, and understanding."  The students then have to support their claim with  their own opinions and feelings.  Check out my free anticipation guide:
DAY 2 & 3-After the Anticipation Guide, I teach the students about stereotypes, racism, prejudices, and discrimination. I begin by reading the allegory, The Terrible Things with the students.  We then compare it to the poem, "First They Came for the Jews". Following, we speak about what happens if one does not speak out, and discuss common stereotypes that are used on a daily basis and how dangerous they can be to a specific group.  I also clarify the definition of racism and prejudice with them.
DAY 4, 5, & 6-I show students the documentary by Steven Spielberg called, The Last Days. The Last Days is about five Hungarian Jews who survive concentration camps, and they talk about their eye-witness accounts about the last days of the war.  This is a phenomenal piece, and it truly gives the students the perspective of a Jewish person during WWII.

DAY 7-I hand out the 20-page Resource Guide.  This packet contains the foreword of Anne's diary, as well as an array of Anne's diary entries, along with journal/reaction entries I created for the diary entries I selected.  You can find the journal/reaction entries here:

This is where! To be continued!

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