April Flowers Bring the New York State English Language Arts Test

So, how are we fairing here? Today is Day 2 of the Common Core New York State English Language Arts test, and currently my students are just about four hours into taking this test, and two more hours to go tomorrow. Day 1 is all reading comprehension, with 42 multiple choice questions; Day 2 is two reading selections, each with 3 multiple choice questions, and then there are a multitude of short answer questions and an extended response...sheesh.  Day 3 proves to be more challenging.

HOWEVER, I don't know if it is national news or not, but New York state schools, teachers and parents have pushed to "opt out" their students from this test, as well as the math next week.  We all think this is too long for students to sit, and I don't know if many of you know this, but 20% of our teacher evaluations are linked to our students' test scores, and next year, it will 50%. Smh. Guess what? 68% of my school, 6-8 has opted out of this test! This is consistent throughout Long Island, with some school districts with higher percentages! Yes, the message is blatantly clear. Schools can not be evaluated if 95% or less of the building does not take the test. What happens from here? We lose state funding and a whole lot of other back-lashings.  The saga will continue...

Here's the best part...For two hours, the students who have "opted out", still have to sit in the testing room with the students who are taking the test, and they get to read a book.  Just read. Enjoy reading a really good book.  Who would have thought of that?!?!?

If anyone has any questions about this, please feel free to ask! I know the "opt out" option is starting to trickle into other states, and people are beginning to talk about it!

It's a secret, but I can give you a little preview of what is coming! Hint, hint! There will be freebies and giveaways! Stay tuned!

Have a wonderful day!


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