New Product! Winter Poetry-Perfect for January & February!

Have you ever played with Magnetic Poetry? Growing up, I absolutely loved having this on my fridge, and I would make lines of poetry all over the refrigerator. If you have never played with it, you need to!

I created this lesson as a spin-off to Magnetic Poetry.  I actually did this lesson as my demo lesson when I first starting teaching 15 years ago! Sheesh. 

If you have ever done a poetry unit with middle students, you are aware of two things: 1. Many of the kids, besides the creative ones, don't like to write poetry, and 2. They have a very difficult time coming up with a subject and words to express how they feel or even describe a scene, picture, etc.  This lesson takes the road block out of the equation.

The "Playing with Words" lesson is designed to teach students word choice and to use vivid language to express their feelings and create imagery.

Check the lesson on Teacher's Pay Teachers or Teacher's Notebook!

Here is the Link: Playing with Words

Come check it out!

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