It's True. PowerPoint is SOOOO Much Better!

Hi Everyone!

When I was scouring blogs, forums, and how-to pages when I was creating my blog, I noticed many people mentioning that people should try to create products for Teachers Pay Teachers in Power Point rather than Word.  At this point, I said to myself, Why would I want to make slides when I can make a document? I was determined that Word was better than Power Point, but I was proven wrong when I tried it out.  Here are some of the benefits I learned from using Power Point when creating products:

1. Inserting Clip Art:
When inserting clip art in Microsoft Word, it is a multiple-step process to get clip art to move around freely. Normally you have to format the clip art, wasting precious minutes; however, in Power Point, you do not have to format the clip art at all. Right from the beginning, you can move the clip art around freely. In addition, there is always that annoying, white background when inserting clip art in Word. So far, when inserting clip art in Power Point, the program removes the background for you (Yay!); and if not, you can remove the background. Again, this saves those precious minutes!

2. Duplicating Pages:
So on the subject of saving time, here is another wonderful advantage with Power Point.  I tend to use colorful backgrounds in many of my projects. It is such as hassle to continuously copy and paste background after background, page after page.  In Power Point, if you right-click on the slide, you have the option of duplicating your previous page, so if you have a background already installed, it will duplicate that page exactly.  Voila! This makes creating projects go so much faster!

3. PDF Files:

For whatever reason in Word, when you save anything as a PDF, it tends to cut off the sides and the bottom of the page, so you have to manipulate your pages so that everything fits in the margins. This is not so in Power Point.  Power Point saves your entire page when saving as a PDF.

All in all, I have definitely switched over to Power Point in creating my projects. I am sure that I will discover some more fancy tricks along my journey. I thought I would share this because it has been so helpful to me!


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