The Launch of My Blog-Happy 2015!

Hi Everyone!

I would like to welcome you to my blog, English, Oh My! My New Year's Resolution for 2015 was to get my blog up and running, and I beat the clock! Yippy!

I have been selling on Teacher's Pay Teachers for a few months now, and all of the forums I read and the suggestions I have been given is not only to have a Pinterest Board (got it!), but also get a blog going...soooo, over the past week as I have been enjoying the Christmas festivities and my vacation, I went on Blogger and tackled the creation of this blog.  I checked out some of the top seller's blogs on TpT, and I was said to myself, "How the heck do they do all this???!!!" (as my 5-year old was running circles around me! Joseph, my son, is adorably cute by the way, and I will share pictures later.) After being completely overwhelmed, I said to myself, Let's do this. There is no time like right now. And so I began.

I have been glued to tutorials, forums, and "how-to" websites, because I have never used a HTML code in my life.  Though things are not perfect, I am getting there, and a few tweaks here and there, I think I will be satisfied with my blog (I am still trying to figure out these HTML codes. Sheesh).

Now for the important items.  I have been teaching for 15 years on Long Island, and I currently teach 7th & 8th grade English, 8th grade Honors, and 8th grade Inclusion; therefore, I have quite an array of students, and I will be sharing a whole bunch of resources with you-websites, products, information, etc., which I find helpful, useful and resourceful.

Because I have so excited to start my blog, I want to share a free poetry product with you.  I do this poetry activity with my students every year, and it gives them a foundation with a subject to write about. Who doesn't like to write about snow, snowmen & sledding?!?!?

Please enjoy!  Thank you so much for supporting me in this endeavor.


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