5 Ways to Show Your Students You Love Them During the Thanksgiving Season

It's Thanksgiving season, and I know teachers are always looking for fun goodies to give away to their students during the holiday season. These amazing crafts and "punny" ideas are a perfect way to show your students how much you love them because we really do.  We know some of our students need our extra love, and these little gifts are perfect in showing how grateful we are for our students.

1. Printable Extra Gum Thanksgiving Gift:
Ok.  How cute are these, and Vanessa of See Venessa Craft gives this printable away for FREE.  I am in love with this cuteness!

2.  Notes:
Sunny Day Family created these adorable notes, and as teachers, we can get very creative with these.  We can attach them to a homework pass, a lollipop, or other entertaining or yummy treats. Grab this free printable below:

3. Candy Gram Printable:
Are you looking to give your students something delicious to say "thank you"?  Check out these candy gram printables!


4. Mayflower Munch:
Now this is a very reasonable, cost-friendly gift.  Why not tie in a non-fiction article about the First Thanksgiving, pilgrims or the Mayflower with this adorable Mayflower Munch? Popcorn, marshmallows, pretzels, and some other yummy treats makes an ideal treat for your students.

5. Turkey Treat Bags with a Printable Tag:

Here is another cost-efficient, delicious gift for your students, and it is super easy.  All you need is some tissue paper or napkins, construction paper, plastic eyes and candy corns, and viola! Easy-peezy gifts for your kiddos.

Here is my Non-Fiction Article and Turkey Activity if you would like to pair any of these treats with a reading activity.  Click on the image to link to the resource!

I am so happy to share my finds with you, and I hope you can use one of these adorable ideas with your students.  Happy Thanksgiving to all my teacher friends and buyers. I hope you have a very safe, enjoyable holiday.

The Game-Changing Activity to Bring Your Classroom to the Next Level

Are you looking to transform your classroom, and try something new? Would you like to incorporate more technology into your classroom, or would you like to have your students asking for "MORE! MORE! MORE!" of a lesson or activity? If you can answer YES!!! to these questions, then you must try a Digital Escape Room! You will quickly have your students practicing and applying subject/content skills, critically thinking and collaborating all in one activity, among other things.

What is a Digital Escape ?

Escape rooms have become very popular, and these adventures are popping all over.  A traditional escape is a physical adventure (based on a theme-a movie, casino, story line, book, etc.) in which players solve puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and mindful strategies to unlock the object at hand.

Teachers have adapted this idea and have brought it into the classroom.  Classroom escape rooms are designed around a unit or activity, and it includes envelopes, clues, puzzles, activities and locks throughout the classroom.  However, teachers like myself, have taken the paper out of the escape room and have made it completely digital!

Short, Motivational Videos to Evoke Discussion in Your Classroom

Hi Everyone!

Happy October! Tis the season for pumpkin spice lattes, your favorite boots and sweater, and the beauty of leaves changing. 

Every day, I start all of my classes off with some sort of bell ringer or prompt to engage my students to discuss, share opinions, or argue a thought or idea.  I really try to differentiate my prompts, and I try to change the prompts from analyzing quotations, "What If" questions, "This or That" prompts, moral dilemmas and other thought-provoking writing questions.  However, after a while, the prompts can become repetitive and mundane.  I started to incorporate short video clips (3-5 minutes) for the students to watch and answer questions.

I wanted to share some of my favorites with you, along with questions your students can respond to after watching the clips.

My Favorite Quotations for the Secondary Classroom

Hi Friends!

I hope you are having a wonderful summer.  As August approaches and some of my teacher friends begin thinking about returning to school, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite secondary classroom quotations.  Even though this does say "secondary", I know many of these quotations would fit just right in an elementary setting too!

As you walk into my classroom, I have a bulletin board to the left that I never knew what to do with-it is too small to do a large theme, and a calendar never did fit quite right.  For years, it was wasted space- I would use for upcoming events, I would hang important papers there, and by the end of the year is was just 'blah and ugly.

Last year, I decided to get creative.  I have always shared a weekly quote in my classroom, and normally I would write it on my front board; however, it sort of blended in with the date, idiom of the week, and normally just got lost.  I felt bad for my quotations because I REALLY love them, and I think they are impactful for my students...here enters the "blah" bulletin board.  It was time for a fancy quotation board. I decided to paint the bulletin board in chalkboard paint, and I purchased the chalkboard paint markers from Amazon.  I educated and taught myself some of the fancy handwriting fonts, and my quote board was off to a fleeting start.  Here are some of the pictures from my classroom over the year-

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